SAP and 1C integration with Web Sphere Message Broker

1C & SAP integration   Our client was thinking about synchronizing key business information across 1C system and SAP.  Clients IT specialists raised the issue of using web services. Web services technology is commonly used by SAP and 1C and WSDL file is recognized by 1C as well as SAP. This means there must be a SAP Web Service and then 1C has to communicate with this Web Service in some language. But WSDL file in SAP does not include xsd-file. At the same time 1C work with single-file format of WSDL file.


Payment requests control workflow optimization in 1C.

Payment requests

   For many businesses, especially large national or global companies working with a wide range of suppliers, the amount of payment requests can grow exponentially very quickly. To ensure greater accuracy in this critical aspect of the payments handling process, organizations should control payments due dates.


Sales planning with IBM Cognos Express

sales planning with Cognos   Our client, one of the TOP-5 Ukrainian distillery producers and importers, covers huge part of CIS countries’ market demand. Implementation of IBM Cognos Express was aimed to eliminate permanent headache with unmanageable Excel files from commercial agents and obtain rolling budget for a short-term plan and year strategic plan for long-term planning baseline.