SAP and 1C integration with Web Sphere Message Broker

1C & SAP integration   Our client was thinking about synchronizing key business information across 1C system and SAP.  Clients IT specialists raised the issue of using web services. Web services technology is commonly used by SAP and 1C and WSDL file is recognized by 1C as well as SAP. This means there must be a SAP Web Service and then 1C has to communicate with this Web Service in some language. But WSDL file in SAP does not include xsd-file. At the same time 1C work with single-file format of WSDL file.

   We have to find the adapter to establish a connection to the SAP. Some middleware products were evaluated: Talend, IBM Web Sphere Message Broker and Microsoft BizTalk Server. The solution was to make integration of 1C with SAP using IBM WebSphere Message Broker.   As middleware, Message Broker has been designed to fit in with SAP architecture. It provides connectivity and universal web-services structure transformation for 1C and SAP applications. Web Sphere MB parse and transform WSDL file.

   Now assured delivery relied on a transaction store kept on the broker's queue manager. Problems like data extraction, data migration or synchronization between SAP and 1C systems are solved. The goal of integrating independent IT systems with Web services were achieved. 

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