Reality’s consultants in Ukraine all have a big experience in implementing 1C products as well as in developing of the new objects (reports, documents, vocabularies, service processes and so on), modification to the standard functionality, consulting. The expertise of our 1C specialists in Ukraine is recognized by 1C as most of them own technical certification.   Our specialists have deep knowledge of accounting, operational, and personnel management and it helps them to work with customer’s subject specialists.

   We cooperate with customers in the most suitable way: actual costs reimbursement (time and material, labor costs) or fixed price.

   We continue to collaborate with our customers after 1C implementation and we offer various services– on-site support, remote support and even outsourcing.

1С implementation

внедрение 1с

   Implementation of the 1C system includes creation of the new objects (reports, documents, directories, vocabularies, service processes and so on), modification to the standard functionality, consulting. Installation, configuration and adaptation of the 1C-based custom applications could be performed by IT-specialists of the customer company in cooperation with our consultants.


1C configuring


1C implementation   1C can be considered as “out-of –the-box” software. 1C platform is however merely a frame, whereas the functionality is achieved with the help of configurations modification. During the implementation of the 1C platform we adopt program to the peculiarities of each specific enterprise or user requests.


1C updating


1с updating   Upgrade to the latest version and your 1C software will always be up to date. Keeping your software updated will keep your accounting procedures running smoothly. The investment in annual license fees and support cost is generally well worth the efficiency that you gain as a result.

   We’ll provide regular updates so you stay up to date with every government change. Every compliance update and every new innovation will be delivered direct to your software. Instantly benefit from innovative new features and improvements that make your accounting easier.


1С performance audit

Аудит 1с   1C software code audit audit is the part of the software quality assurance (QA) process. The objective of a code audit is simple – to improve the software. Aim is to improve such aspects as performance, ease-of use and reliability.


1С support

  1C service

   We provide professional 1C software support for our 1C solutions as well as for most software systems and applications developed by third parties.

   Our service desk is staffed with technically trained and certified employees who are familiar with our products. Each and every one is eager and ready to help with any questions or issues that may arise.


Cloud 1С software

cloud 1c software   With cloud 1C software,  it allows you as a business owner to handle day-to-day operations, keep accounts up-to-date, record invoices, bills, and other financial transactions. With advancements made in cloud technology, it has enabled small business owners to take advantage of low monthly price instead of paying a high up-front cost that may lock the company in licensing contract.