1C updating


1с updating   Upgrade to the latest version and your 1C software will always be up to date. Keeping your software updated will keep your accounting procedures running smoothly. The investment in annual license fees and support cost is generally well worth the efficiency that you gain as a result.

   We’ll provide regular updates so you stay up to date with every government change. Every compliance update and every new innovation will be delivered direct to your software. Instantly benefit from innovative new features and improvements that make your accounting easier.

   If you use your accounting software to do payroll, this is especially important. Payroll tax laws are always changing and being updating. If you don’t keep your payroll software updated throughout the year, you many end up with incorrect withholding from employees or filing outdated tax forms with the federal or state revenue departments.

   Moreover, when your 1C software comes out with new releases, it is also for the purpose of either improving one or more of its functions or fixing a problem that users have reported. In other words, the updates will generally add to the efficiency or functionality of your current software.

   Get support for your software from our certified 1C and IBM specialists.

   It's easy to stay up to date!

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