Reality specialist passed the exam on IBM Optim Data Growth knowledge

   IBM training center organized training to demonstrate IBM Optim's capabilities in helping clients to manage data growth. This course is designed to provide technical specialists and DBAs with a foundation in the functionality basics of the Optim solution. This course provides both a conceptual understanding of data growth as well as an understanding of Optim solution's capabilities for managing data growth and improving the performance of critical business applications.

Cert Optim2 Tech

   With InfoSphere Optim Archive (former IBM Optim Data Growth) , clients can establish distinct service levels for each class of data—such as current data (hot), reporting data (warm) and historical data (cold)—and consistently achieve application and data warehouse performance targets. Policy-driven archive processes allow users to specify the business rules for archiving. Rules are commonly based on functional or legal requirements such as age, date, transaction status, business unit or company.

   Upon completion of training, participants were given certificates. Reality representative Yaroslav Kulik received a certificate Information Management Optim Technical Professional v2.



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