1C programmers from Reality received new certificates 1C Professional.

   One of the main areas of automation is the implementation of the ERP system. Transactional system implementation is a complex process that requires quality and thoughtful approach by both the client and the implementers. And one of the criteria for determining the quality of 1C implementers is the quantity of certified professionals.

Certificate 1CProf Platforma Danihlenko

   Software Certifications has become recognized worldwide as the standard for information technology quality professionals. Reality Upon completion of courses 1C our 1C specialists have confirmed knowledge, passed certification exams and received certificates 1C Professionals.

   Our 1C programmers Polits Alexander and Danihlenko Anatoly trained in basic knowledge on 1C mechanisms 1C Enterprise 8.2 and confirm their proficiency of 1C software development practices.

   This is a hot certification exam in the IT industry, and a lot of 1C professionals all want to get this certification.



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