New 1C and mobile solution for Fixed Asset Management, Tracking & Control.

fixed asset inventory

   You need to maintain an accurate inventory of your valuable fixed assets, including computers, phones, office equipment, and office furniture? The use of barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking only one tenth the time and providing a more accurate count. 

   We propose Fixed Asset Management Software which provides the features and tools to automate the manual processes of inventory management and tracking. Our software is a total solution for the fixed asset management and control of an enterprise. It is used to register and handle all fixed assets of an organization where history of all assets is permanently recorded. This includes asset group, responsible user, location, supplier, etc. Software allows to record, track, monitor and make decisions regarding any asset booked by the firm. An asset can be assigned to either an inventory location or a user to track asset responsibility.

   Mobility is supported with Web-based access from the remote data entry sites and with hand-held devices for scanning bar codes. Software integrates seamlessly with existing accounting systems and operates harmoniously with entire financials environments while ensuring accuracy in all accounting aspects.

   With our software it’s easy and cost effective to manage the complete fixed assets lifecycle, from purchase through retirement.

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