New event management solution for visitors registration from Reality

exhibition   Each time you plan a show, your goal is to make it compelling enough for exhibitors and attendees to come back to you year after year. Improve the customer experience and spend less time gathering names, addresses and other details. With our event registration system, your attendees can register quickly without taking up time with your office staff. 

   Send the invitation with unique bar code for clients from your database. Or register attendees online for events, conferences and trade shows and allow them to print confirmation with personal bar code. Visitor’s data will be imported to database from web-site instantly.

   Register quickly by scanning  personal bar code with ds9208 motorola scanner. Design and print professional coloured attendee badges with your logotype in advance and print labels for badges with visitor’s personal information (with or without bar code) automatically after registration on the label printers.

   Bar code on badges allow you to control access to various seminars, sessions and booths. Scan bar code and record attendance using handheld data capture terminals. With knowledge which seminars, sessions or booths visitors attended you can maintain an ongoing conversation with your audiences, inviting them back to your event next year, and offering them new opportunities of interest at other times. View and print custom attendance reports.

   Bring more value to exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees. 

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