Reality presents the solution for automating trade in social network VKontakte

trade in social networks   There are many trading platforms, pages and groups in social networks, but there are no tools for doing business in social networks on the market. VKontakte is a leader in the market of social networks in Russia and Ukraine, and therefore trade through vkontakte gaining momentum. Trade pages allow you to trade via the Internet without an online store.

   In order to help users of social network VKontakte do business - we have developed the solution that allows you to simplify and automate the work by: uploading photos goods, price generation, marketing mailings, track the status of orders and sales analytics.

   Function of merging contacts of suppliers, friends, friends of friends in common database will help you to increase the target audience. You can configure automatic birthday greetings and celebrations mailing advertisements.

   Reduce efforts with the help the automatic downloading of pictures from supplier albums to albums of managed trade pages and groups, search for goods from different suppliers (based on pictures analysis), automate price generation (% or amount), check the product availability when adding photos.

   If you are interested in automation of trade VKontakte – look at our solution. For a small monthly fee, you get a handy tool that will speed up the productivity and increase the sales.


   Start viewing video with 1C solution demonstration on Reality YouTube channel 

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