One of the major areas of services provided by Reality company is an implementation of 1C on the MS SQL and DB2, as well as custom application development based on 1C platform. As a part of complex enterprise automation we perform integration using IBM WebSphere MB, archiving using Optim DataGrowth and data protection in DBMS using InfoSphere Guardium.

   We also offer products for automation of budgeting, consolidation and business analytics IBM Cognos along with document workflow system based on IBM Lotus.

   Equally significant area of focus in our company is development of various custom mobile solutions for different mobile devices (data terminals, PDA, tablets) and different operating systems (Android, Windows). 

   We take a responsible attitude to work and therefore fulfill all tasks assigned in due time, whether it is custom developments or mobile solutions. 


   1C is “out-of –the-box” software used for planning and management at commercial and non-commercial organizations of different sectors. 1C platform is however merely a frame, whereas the functionality is achieved with the help of adaptive configurations. Because of its unique structure, 1C platform allows to adopt program to the peculiarities of each specific enterprise. As for the last versions of 1C: Enterprise, especially 1C: Enterprise 8.2, they have pleased users with profound improvements and also added new functional design – possibility to enter in one informational system several entities, including geographically-distributed.

1C platform   As 1C partner we offer automation of enterprises by implementing of the 1C platform or popular 1C accounting, and also modification of configuration and reporting in accordance to the peculiarities of bookkeeping policy at your enterprise. In case you already have an installed configuration of 1C, we may offer you a service of auditing the 1C program, subscriber support, remote support or 1C outsourcing.

   In our company, you may also order 1C maintenance and technical support, standard and modified configurations updating. Furthermore we administer modified configuration of 1C in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.



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   IBM Cognos Express, IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Controller provides all the capabilities that the office of finance needs to - automation of the budgeting/planning processes and consolidation. Cognos TM1 and Cognos Express enables organizations to deploy budjetting/planning templates that reduce errors, and save troubleshooting and auditing time. Cognos Controller automate financial consolidation processes and consolidate financial information in a centralized environment. Via IBM Cognos Business Intelligence clients can retrieve, analyze and visualize data directly from IBM Cognos TM1 and from a wide variety of relational and dimensional sources.     

ibm products   Keeping too much or too little data can result in a liability. InfoSphere Optim Archive data growth management capabilities enable you to apply business policies to govern data retention, access and disposal and archive data across applications, databases, data warehouses, operating systems and platforms. IBM Infosphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor protects access to the data in the database in real time.  
   WebSphere MQ provides a communications layer for visibility and control of the flow of messages and data inside and outside your organization. WebSphere MQ allows receipt of messages to "trigger" other applications to run, and thus provides the framework for a message driven architecture. Messages will be delivered once and once only, irrespective of errors and network problems.

   IBM Integration Bus (former IBM WebSphere Message Broker) transforms messages and converts transport protocols formats between requestor and service. The WebSphere Message Broker runtime reduces cost and complexity of IT systems by unifying the method a company uses to implement interfaces between disparate systems. 



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   Solutions we develop allow to facilitate and accelerate procedures under various business processes. Solution for exhibitions automation for example will help to speed up the process of visitors’ registration during rush hours and analyze their attendance.

1с solutions   We offer development of business applications for mobile devices and development/ modification of 1C: Enterprise configuration, designed for the processing of mobile devices requests. We perform development of mobile applications through a modern tool called Modeller.

    With our solutions based on 1C platform you may automate various business processes and save money. Our event management system help you to organize control of visitors at exhibitions (conferences, seminars) and to minimize queues in rush hours of registration.

   Your inventory tracking and physical inventory process can be streamlined with our inventory tracking software. Automate goods receiving, pallet assembling/ control, goods shipping and increase accountability.

   Our fixed asset tracking software allows you to track any fixed asset such as equipment, furniture, computers, vehicles and many other assets with the ease-of-use comprehensive asset management program. 



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