Cognos Controller


Cognos Controller

   Cognos Controller is Web-based consolidation and reporting solutions that offer controlled delivery of certified financial and management information. Cognos Controller makes it easy to deliver financial statements and reports to finance stakeholders, as well as managers, line-of-business executives and regulatory bodies.

   IBM Cognos Controller extends your consolidation capabilities and supports in-depth analysis of compliance and audit information. The diverse, detailed reports available in Cognos Controller help you deliver precisely the information you need in the format you need it. 


   Cognos Controller provides all the capabilities that the office of finance needs to:

• Accelerate the close process

•  Automate financial consolidation processes and accounting procedures

• Prepare and deliver financial statements, financial reporting and analysis

• Consolidate financial information in a centralized, controlled and compliant environment

• Deliver a complete range of local and global consolidation and reporting requirements “out of the box”—integrated into an application framework

   These capabilities include data collection, validation, currency conversion, minority interest calculations, intercompany eliminations, group closing adjustments, management adjustments, allocations, advanced formula calculations and compliance testing. Cognos Controller also provides support for consolidated financial reporting for local jurisdictions and multilingual reporting. It supports IFRS, FASB, Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and can handle any GAAP or regulatory environment.

   Cognos Controller provides the finance organization with unmatched visibility and control throughout the data collection, reconciliation and consolidation process. 

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