Cognos TM1


cognos TM1

   Through IBM Cognos TM1's broad flexibility, you can model and then deploy varied planning solutions that address the diverse needs of every department in the organization. IBM Cognos TM1 applications are supported by its patented, 64-bit, in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) server, which provides on-demand analytics of complex multidimensional data with real-time analysis and calculation performance.

   IBM Cognos TM1 enables you to easily model and deploy metrics and scorecards that are perfectly aligned with your budgets, actuals, forecasts, and all other versions of plan data. While users enter plan data, end users have full access to all of the KPIs and metrics that affect them, and they can immediately see how their new plans and assumptions affect the organization's KPIs and strategies. 

   With the proliferation of tablets, lightweight computers, and smartphones, workers commonly carry out their work responsibilities away from the office and sometimes for long periods of time. IBM Cognos TM1 V10.2 supports this trend by striving to support performance management wherever performance is executed. Users can enter, review, and approve plans on Mobile devices.

   Main benefits:

• Web-based deployment of models for data collection and consolidation

• Real-time workflow

• Real-time consolidation

• Real-time browser-based calculations yield immediate results

• Scalable architecture with proven deployments to thousands of line managers

• Linking functionality to provide collaboration between all areas of the corporation

• Capability to execute form-based planning using selection boxes to drive application logic and calculations

   IBM Cognos TM1 enables organizations to deploy planning templates that reduce errors, and save troubleshooting and auditing time.

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