InfoSphere Guardium


WebSphere Guardium

   IBM Infosphere Guardium securing and protecting  the organization’s most sensitive data. IBM Infosphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor protects access to the data in the database in real time.  The solution tracks all data access for databases as well as other data repositories, and then provides real-time alerts on any unusual activity or unauthorized access attempts. Based on these alerts, enterprises can respond immediately to prevent potential loss of data, even from privileged users that have access, including to encrypted data.

   Additionally, all traffic monitored is centrally collected into normalized audit logs that can easily be used for compliance reporting or forensics. More importantly, this capability even avoids the need to turn on data source audit logging (which can represent large performance issues), and does not require any change to the database, network, or application. 

   InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor can proactively identify the repositories containing sensitive data such as database instances. It can uncover, classify, and report on entitlements to the sensitive data contained within the data repository, reducing compliance costs and enabling tighter controls for data access.

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