Lotus Notes Workflow


Lotus workflow

  Sending a mail to a person is simple. Building functionality for complex workflows with several steps and conditions can be complicated and time consuming. We propose workflow management solution based on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. Our Workflow Management based on IBM Lotus Domino is well established product, ready for the enterprise as well as smaller organizations.

   This Lotus Notes Workflow solution gives you one easy to use, reliable framework for all things Workflow in Lotus Notes. And it includes one central workflow engine where you store all workflow logic, clearly separated from the code in your applications. 


   Our easy-to-use custom workflow applications on Lotus involves multiple components. In our Lotus Notes Workflow product, the workflow logic is defined by a couple of configuration documents in one central place.

   Lotus Workflow software makes it easier to document and refine your company’s processes to reflect changing business needs. 

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