Optim Data Growth


WebSphere Data Growth Archiving

   Exponential data growth can impair the timely completion of critical business activities. As a recognized best practice, database archiving segregates inactive application data from current activity and safely moves it to a secure archive. Streamlined databases and data warehouses reclaim capacity and help improve application performance and availability.

   With InfoSphere Optim Archive (former IBM Optim Data Growth), you can establish distinct service levels for each class of data—such as current data (hot), reporting data (warm) and historical data (cold) — and consistently achieve application and data warehouse performance targets. 

   Policy-driven archive processes allow you to specify the business rules for archiving. Rules are commonly based on functional or legal requirements such as age, date, transaction status, business unit or company.

   You need access to your historical business data to make decisions, run reports, respond to customer inquiries, and audit. InfoSphere Optim allows you to choose the most effective access method based on business purpose, user convenience and cost. If necessary, archived data can be selectively restored to the production environment.

   Keeping too much or too little data can result in a liability. InfoSphere Optim Archive data growth management capabilities enable you to apply business policies to govern data retention, access and disposal.

   Scale archiving capabilities across applications, databases, data warehouses, operating systems and platforms with InfoSphere Optim Archive. 

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