1C is “out-of –the-box” software used for planning and management at commercial and non-commercial organizations of different sectors. 1C platform is however merely a frame, whereas the functionality is achieved with the help of adaptive configurations. Because of its unique structure, 1C platform allows to adopt program to the peculiarities of each specific enterprise. As for the last versions of 1C: Enterprise, especially 1C: Enterprise 8.2, they have pleased users with profound improvements and also added new functional design – possibility to enter in one informational system several entities, including geographically-distributed.

1C platform   As 1C partner we offer automation of enterprises by implementing of the 1C platform or popular 1C accounting, and also modification of configuration and reporting in accordance to the peculiarities of bookkeeping policy at your enterprise. In case you already have an installed configuration of 1C, we may offer you a service of auditing the 1C program, subscriber support, remote support or 1C outsourcing.

   In our company, you may also order 1C maintenance and technical support, standard and modified configurations updating. Furthermore we administer modified configuration of 1C in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.



1C: Enterprise 8


1c enterprise

   1C: Enterprise 8 – is the resource planning system for industrial enterprises and appears to be a complete solution, comprising key tasks of management and planning at the organization. 1C products, and 1C: Enterprise 8 in particular, combine usage of standard solutions with an attention to peculiarities of specific either sector or form of enterprises activity.


1C: Accounting


1с бухгалтерия

   1C: Accounting facilitates work of book-keepers and automate multiple and complex accounting calculations. For keeping tax accounti

     An upgraded version of 1C: Accounting 8 gives a possibility to maintain bookkeeping and tax accounting of several organizations within one information database. Provided that, it is possible to use for all organizations a shared directories of contactors, goods etc., and to show business transactions and to form regulatory reports separately from one another.ng in 1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine one composes and register invoices, tax invoices and other necessary taxation documents. For these purposes a taxation plan of accounts is used.


1C: Payroll and HR


1с payroll

   1C: Payroll and HR management configuration, better known as 1C: Payroll and HR, enables to maintain an efficient personnel record keeping and calculate employees salary at enterprises of any type of ownership and funding in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine.

   In the 1C payroll module all processes of taxes and payroll charging, salary calculations and perks are fully automated.


1C: Trade and Warehouse


1с торговля и склад

   Configuration 1C: Trade Management for Ukraine, better known as 1C: Trade and Warehouse, enables to automate such important processes of managing trade companies business as goods movement (purchase and sale), pricing, warehouse and cash flow management. Apart from operational planning tasks and monitoring of sales, 1C: Trade Management system is dedicated to provide the control of delivery time and place orders, reserve goods in the stock.


1C:Trade Management



   For every trade enterprise it is important to automate such fundamental business activities as goods movement and pricing. To handle these operations there was designed a 1C: Enterprise 8 configuration, namely − 1C: Trade Enterprise Management for Ukraine. With its help it is possible to automate processes of customers’ orders management, purchasing management, warehouse management, and automation of sales activities: sales order management, sales planning and pricing.


1C Logistics


warehouse WSS

   1C-Logistics: Warehouse management 3.0 is a modern warehouse management system, which provides addressed warehouse organization, automation of warehousing processes and an integration with bar code devices. 1C-Logistics: Warehouse management may be adjusted to the peculiarities of technological and organizational requirements of the client’s warehouse.

The system enables to manage processes of any number of stocks and zones inside the warehouse, define at any moment an exact location and amount of goods in the whorehouse, according to all possible storage units, expiration date, lot and serial numbers.