1C: Accounting


1с бухгалтерия

   1C: Accounting facilitates work of book-keepers and automate multiple and complex accounting calculations. For keeping tax accounti

     An upgraded version of 1C: Accounting 8 gives a possibility to maintain bookkeeping and tax accounting of several organizations within one information database. Provided that, it is possible to use for all organizations a shared directories of contactors, goods etc., and to show business transactions and to form regulatory reports separately from one another.ng in 1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine one composes and register invoices, tax invoices and other necessary taxation documents. For these purposes a taxation plan of accounts is used.

   Many bookkeepers will enjoy an opportunity of using 1C: Accounting 8 for different organizations with different taxation systems (income tax, VAT, single tax), and an opportunity of accounting by simplified taxation system.

   1C: Accounting – is the most popular software for bookkeeping, because of frequency its updates releasing and complete accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine. It is very widespread and widely used by international companies, which use SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Axapta as corporate EPR systems.

   We perform integration of the 1C program with any ERP systems with the help of integration bus known as Web Sphere Message Broker.

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