1C: Enterprise 8


1c enterprise

   1C: Enterprise 8 – is the resource planning system for industrial enterprises and appears to be a complete solution, comprising key tasks of management and planning at the organization. 1C products, and 1C: Enterprise 8 in particular, combine usage of standard solutions with an attention to peculiarities of specific either sector or form of enterprises activity.

   1C: Enterprise 8 system was designed with consideration for the latest long-term experience of usage 1C: Enterprise 7.7 system, which used by a wide number of companies and engineers across the CIS territory. Despite substantial changes, a new version 8 has preserved its natural succession with the previous versions. In version 8.2, for instance, appeared a large number of useful innovations: for example an opportunity to work through thick client, thin client run and Web interface.

   Quite widespread and popular 1C: Enterprise 8 program makes it possible to organize a single information system for managing various aspects of manufacturing enterprise business, including multidisciplinary holding companies with geographically-distributed databases, since 1C: Enterprise 8 has elaborated a mechanism of managing distributed databases.

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