1C:Trade Management



   For every trade enterprise it is important to automate such fundamental business activities as goods movement and pricing. To handle these operations there was designed a 1C: Enterprise 8 configuration, namely − 1C: Trade Enterprise Management for Ukraine. With its help it is possible to automate processes of customers’ orders management, purchasing management, warehouse management, and automation of sales activities: sales order management, sales planning and pricing.

    Customer relationship management subsystem enables to save all the data, manage tasks, make segmentation and analysis of partner.  Financial module control such aspects of work with clients and suppliers as account settlements, including actual and delayed debt (in respect to ordered goods and those, which are sent for demonstration). 

    In addition to all above mentioned, 1C: Enterprise 8 program, unlike 1C: Trade Management 8, comprises configurations for maintaining bookkeeping and tax accounting, HR management and payroll, workflow and even production management, in case a commercial enterprise has any. Given the fact that retail trade enterprises are also interested in automation (bakery products, meat cutting etc.), there are plenty of 1C: Trade Enterprise Management implementations among retail and wholesale business establishments.

   For such purposes as to automate payroll management and maintain HR management, it is possible to use 1C: Trade subsystem – Payroll and HR, which appears to be very useful for accountants due to its automatic calculation of payroll taxes and payments.

   In order to provide an effective bookkeeping and tax accounting, 1C: Trade Enterprise Management for Ukraine includes functionality of 1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine. For maintaining core and secondary production of an enterprise, as well as managing basic process and calculation of target and actual cost, the Manufacturing Management module is used. 

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