1C: Payroll and HR


1с payroll

   1C: Payroll and HR management configuration, better known as 1C: Payroll and HR, enables to maintain an efficient personnel record keeping and calculate employees salary at enterprises of any type of ownership and funding in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine.

   In the 1C payroll module all processes of taxes and payroll charging, salary calculations and perks are fully automated.

Such tasks as conducting of employees’ record cards and timesheets, as well as employment, dismissal and replacement process of employees could be greatly facilitated with the help of 1C: Payroll and HR management.

   If you are going to purchase the 1C program for HR management, we recommend you to take into consideration its new version. It enables to build management accounting of salary including all forms of bonuses and perks, provided by many modern commercial and industrial companies.

   The subsystem 1C: Payroll and HR management is one of the several parts of enterprise automation system. 1C: Payroll and HR management is the part of 1C: Trade Management.

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