Mobile applications

мобильные решения

    The main task of mobile application is to automate the process of entering data into informational system of an enterprise and reduce time for an exchange and amount of errors. Solutions we develop allow to facilitate and accelerate data collection under the most diverse mobile tasks: arrival and inventory of fixed assets, transferring from one unit to another, write-off, sales, labels replacement, inventory of goods, receipt and distribution, optimization of sales representative’s/ merchandiser’s and courier’s work, control of serial numbers, exhibition visitors and meter-reading.

 We fulfill accelerated development of mobile applications via powerful cutting edge tools. The biggest advantage of our solution lies in fact that unlike majority of developed “out-of-the-box” products, any changes in which cause significant modifications and increase of project terms and price, − Modeller allows to develop/ modify applications in the shortest time possible.

   Modeller is a one-stop solution for all Windows or Android devices and even industrial fields. The application is installed onto a handheld device (mobile computer barcode scanner) and can be used in the field to collect data quickly, efficiently and error free. With the help of Modeller it is possible to develop applications for mobile devices (PDA, iPad, data capture terminals, tablets, smartphones) of any producers with Windows CE or Windows Mobile, as well as Android operating system. A simple and direct way for you to transfer your data between our application enabled mobile devices and your choice of data source. Synchronization can be performed wirelessly or by connecting your device to your PC.

   One may figuratively divide all components of our program into two functional groups. First is designed for mobile devices and dedicated to solve tasks of mobile data collection, the other is for personal computers to solve tasks of data preparation and data exchange.

   Operating with Modeller is performed according to the following scheme. Basic data are imported from the ERP system to a mobile device. For instance in case for solving tasks of fixed assets inventory from 1C program through communication device or Wi-Fi network to a mobile device (data terminal) there will be downloaded the directory of all fixed assets with unique bar codes, as well as (later on) all data about current stock.

   Modeller is modern mobile applications for 1C, SAP, Oracle. Our mobile data collection solution enables you to take virtually any paper data collection form. 

  Our partners for data capture terminals in Ukraine термінали збору даних Point Mobile, Zebra, Caribe в Україні.
  Our partners for data capture terminals in Poland Kolektory danych, terminale Point Mobile, Zebra, Caribe w Polsce.

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