Training is very critical to the success of any (1C, cognos, etc) software implementation process. If end-users fail to successfully adopt and learn to use the new software, the organization's investment will be lost. We provide trainings for the entire team - admins, developers, super-user and end-users. Super user training courses are designed to provide understanding of how your systems work from a functional perspective. Admins can get the core knowledge how to speed, perform and get the most out of software.

   Our trainers can lead big group trainings or small group coaching. Coaching may be required for a variety of reasons including additional support for your super user. Normally such trainings and coaching is delivered at client’s premises and training environment. This includes hands on trainings with exercises, step-by-step guides describing relevant business processes and demonstration of software functionality.

   These training courses (1c, cognos) are fully interactive and we encourage participation and active learning, where delegates have the opportunity to share experiences and problems, and work through real-life scenarios with others in the group. This area is critical to resolving any queries and questions users may have.

   To ensure that trainings are performed efficiently, users are required to successfully complete certification.

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