The Reality service offering ranges from consulting in performance management & business intelligence over functional Performance Management best practices to software implementation services, in leading technologies like 1C, IBM Cognos, IBM Web Sphere MQ & Message Broker. And we are working constantly on the integration of all those components together in the leading companies in Ukraine and Russia.

   We specialize in an integration of 1C program and other enterprise planning systems (SAP, Oracle) with websites operating data exchange on web services. Within the framework of the project it is possible to create a personal workspace on the company’s website (where one monitors status of requests, deliveries) and establish integration with data terminals, PDAs, smartphones, tablet PCs, iPad.

   Our main focus is to deliver the project on-time and within budget.


   Reality’s consultants in Ukraine all have a big experience in implementing 1C products as well as in developing of the new objects (reports, documents, vocabularies, service processes and so on), modification to the standard functionality, consulting. The expertise of our 1C specialists in Ukraine is recognized by 1C as most of them own technical certification.   Our specialists have deep knowledge of accounting, operational, and personnel management and it helps them to work with customer’s subject specialists.

   We cooperate with customers in the most suitable way: actual costs reimbursement (time and material, labor costs) or fixed price.

   We continue to collaborate with our customers after 1C implementation and we offer various services– on-site support, remote support and even outsourcing.

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   No matter how big or small your company it needs to maintain up to date bookkeeping. It takes a considerable amount of time and money to train bookkeeping staff and maintain an accounting department. We can assist you in compiling your accounts in the most cost effective and time efficient way. We can help with bookkeeping, setting up your accounts and revising them for year-end.

At Reality we provide bookkeeping / accounting / taxation services using outsourcing model. These include but are not limited to payroll processing, invoicing, account tracking, tax return services, general accounts maintenance, trial balances and account service tracking.

   Outsourcing of back-office operations of bookkeeping, accounting and taxes enables the client to focus on their core business while cutting on the costs for outsourced department.

  So, if you are looking for the most affordable, convenient and high quality accounting and bookkeeping servicesin Ukraine – then Reality is the perfect choice for you.

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   Reality provides high-quality cost-effective IT services like remote support, outsourcing and trainings. Our performance-based approach to service delivery is backed by our highly-trained, certified and English-speaking employees.

  We aim to provide clients with the best possible IT services.

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