Event management system

автоматизация выставок   If you need to organize control of visitors at exhibitions (conferences, seminars) or want to minimize queues in rush hours of registration, please take into consideration our solution. With its help you would be able to identify each visitor using a personal bar code.

   With our solution based on 1C system you may send by mail personal invitations with bar code through your base of visitors or make a registration on-line on the website after which all entered by a visitor data will be included into a database.

 Register quickly by scanning bar code! During the registration your employees in no time will register the visitor by scanning a bar code from his invitation (or by manual search) and print a label with a unique bar code, which you may clue on the badge. Colored badges for visitors with logos and pictures printed in typography in advance.

   Additionally you may control attendance of the seminars, lections, stands or any other objects at the exhibition and receive in the real time information on visitors’ movement. Control and analysis of the visitors attended presentations, conferences and sessions may be performed by means of data capture terminals. For that purpose employees of the exhibition scan bar code from the visitor’s badges when they enter halls of the conferences or sessions.

   All information about visitors in any format may be used for analytics. Except for software for exhibition automation we offer a service of letting scanners, bar code printers, data terminals and laptops.

   Our partners for data capture terminals in Ukraine https://www.iterator.com.ua/ термінали збору даних Point Mobile, Zebra, Caribe в Україні.
  Our partners for data capture terminals in Poland https://www.codeon.net.pl/ Kolektory danych, terminale Point Mobile, Zebra, Caribe w Polsce.


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