Finished goods tracking

hand held computer in warehouse    Automation of warehouse and production processes of an enterprise for marking products and pallet in production zones, final products assembling zones could be made on the basis ERP software, as well as on software for bar codes printers and data capture terminals.

   Tasks we solve:

  • Control of goods by a unique code of the lot, order number, name of a client, city (region) of a delivery, weight, list of delivered goods, quantity of goods with breakdown by packing items.
  • Automation of goods receiving – download of invoice to the data capture terminal, matching of an preliminary invoice with the actual via reading bar codes.
  • Automation of pallet assembling/ control – forming pallets of similar-type and different-type goods with its next marking with labels and unique bar code.
  • Automation of goods shipping – execution of shipping documents, preparation of description of dispatched goods. Control of an order assembling, matching the invoice with the actual of dispatched goods, examination of dispatched products.

  When using wireless data capture terminals a client/server conception of data exchange organization is involved. Server works as an information processing center and provides a connection with an external program modules – an ERP system of an enterprise for instance.  Mobile data terminal fulfills in real-time mode a certain part of tasks or logic provided by server.

   It is possible to use either any ERP system of an enterprise or solutions based on 1C products as an application for implementation of necessary functionality. The client part is performed on the basis of solutions for data terminals  (in-house product of the Reality company).

   Thanks to its unique structure, our mobile solution allows to adjust the solution to specifics of technological and organizational requirements of an enterprise and warehouse of any company.

   Our partners for data capture terminals in Ukraine термінали збору даних Point Mobile, Zebra, Caribe в Україні.
   Our partners for data capture terminals in Poland Kolektory danych, terminale Point Mobile, Zebra, Caribe w Polsce.

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