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About company

Reality’s consultants in Ukraine all have a big experience in implementing software products as well as in developing of the new objects (reports, documents, vocabularies, service processes and so on), modification to the standard functionality, consulting. The expertise of our specialists in Ukraine is recognized by producers as most of them own technical certification.
Our partner in Poland is company Codeon https://www.codeon.net.pl/


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Reality offers simple products like software for data capture terminals in Ukraine and Poland through our chain of partners. As well as products for automation of budgeting, consolidation and business analytics. As a part of complex enterprise automation we perform integration using IBM Web Sphere MQ and WebSphere MB.

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Reality service offering ranges from consulting in performance management & business intelligence to software implementation services, in leading technologies like 1C, IBM Cognos, IBM Web Sphere MQ & Message Broker. We are working constantly on the integration of all those components together in the leading companies in Ukraine and Russia and provide software support ensuring optimized software capability and integrity on your platform throughout the lifecycle of your enterprise-wide applications.

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Our solutions

Equally significant area of focus in our company is development of custom application development based – fixed asset tracking system, even management software, service center automation solution. We also provide various custom mobile solutions for different mobile devices (Windows data capture terminals, Android PDAs).  Our main focus is to deliver the project on-time and within budget.

Reality is a services and solutions provider that prides itself on its collaborative approach and committed people. Reality has different approach comparing to other outsourcing companies in Ukraine and Russia. We offer only certain software development and maintenance as offshore service. Mainly 1C and IBM Cognos. Involving integration with your existing applications and platforms we can deploy enterprise-wide applications.

Such flexible systems like 1C or IBM Cognos require agile approach to development. We make trainings for super-users at the beginning and develop business solutions in iterations with users. Our team is certified in 1C & IBM Software brands. Cognos specialists hold a minimum of 3 years of experience designing and deploying budgeting and analytical solutions. We can help you design, deliver and manage smarter 1C & IBM solutions for your business.


  • Reality organized control of visitors at forum IBM SolutionsConnect 2018

    control of visitors at forum IBM SolutionsConnect 2014  On the 18th of September IBM forum SolutionsConnect 2014 took place in Kyiv. More than 700 of peers and industry experts joined IBM event. Reality solution help to organize control of visitors at IBM Forum 2014 and to minimize queues in rush hours of registration. After completing the online form, guests received a letter with an individual barcode. In the reception area hosts read the bar code on Zebra DS9208 or data capture terminal Point Mobile PM30 and printed labels on label printer Godex DT2.

    Variety of questions were raised at the forum, including "How to increase the profitability and the company's profits, how to ensure rapid implementation and effective use of IT? Extensive line of IBM Cognos products answer to most of these questions. With such a tool for budgeting and analytics like IBM Cognos Express or IBM Cognos TM1, you can plan the future activities of the company and later answer the question "How are we doing?", make plan-fact analysis.

  • Reality provided barcode scanning solutions at the IBM Solution Connect 2015

    ibm2015 registrationWhether you’re looking for an online conference registration system, exhibition registration software, registration software for special events, or anything in between, Reality offers scalable solutions that do more than simple registration. 

    User-friendly and easy to set up, Reality provides a back-office and online registration tool with branding possibilities, different registration scenarios.

    We offer online registration, onsite registration, venue management and barcode scanning solutions, based on ds 9208 zebra motorola to the exhibition and event management industries, with a large customer base and a formidable reputation for service and support.

  • Presentation about recently finished budgeting project in banking industry at IBM Forum

    IBM Cognos Express manage businessOpportunity lies in rapid change, decisive action, and prompt and continual engagement. It lies in the moment. IBM Solution Connect 2015 can help you seize the moment by offering industry leading insights, tools, strategies, and solutions.

    Join industry experts, thought leaders and your peers at an IBM Solution 2015. Our Cognos specialists will deliver the presentation about recently finished budgeting project in banking industry.